My Story

Originally from Mooresville, NC but currently thriving in this creative little beach town we call Wilmington for the past 10 years. I am so excited to share with you the story of this new journey of mine: Salty Soaps Co.

In 2014, my mom, established Sue’s Soap Co. A sustainable, organic, handmade business based out of our hometown in Mooresville. I was always so inspired by her creativity and desire to make homemade products that you could love, and trust to use on your body. Products that come from real ingredients and are meant to nourish your body instead of harm it. This was always priority for this business.

After the pandemic, life as we knew it was obviously no more. It was then that I decided that I wanted to branch out. To become my own boss. To learn the trade from my Mom and open up a sister store to keep the business growing and thriving. As my inspiration I decided to branch off of my mom’s ideas but put my own design on her products. With this came more creativity and I also came up with some new ones of my own. We want to continue to learn and grow as a family and reach as many people as we can with our product. Being a family business we hope people can see the love, effort & hard work we put into each and every item. I am so excited to begin this journey and share with you all the products so near to my heart.

 I hand make, sustainable and responsibly sourced, cold process artisan soaps. As well as 100% USA grown soy wax candles, and other organic and natural skin care products. Believing in quality over quantity, always. I create, formulate, make, cut, and label every bar of soap by hand for you all to enjoy.

And the adventure begins…

I am so thrilled to take you all on this adventure with me in this little beach town. The town that inspired the name “Salty Soap”. My products are created by the ocean and contain salts like the ocean as well. The name was a perfect fit.